Wisehub 2019 Accountability Tracks

At 35 000ft, Dr Jabulani Ncayiyana felt healthily unsettled as the ripples of the dialogue at Wisehub 2018 forced his hand to find a pen and paper and respond to the challenge to act on the accountability gauntlet. The flight back to Cape Town will be a memory to share in October 2019.

He constructed the framework of a proposal where the core collaborative team and stakeholders were identified, the background described and the methodology delineated. The phase-based approach will lead to action plans that will be the result of a 'participatory collaborative sequentially mixed method'.

Without skipping a beat, the Area-Based Management unit at the eThekwini Municipality invited leaders to two customized need-based sessions, called WiseCities MasterClasses, to take its own AccountabilityWorks-step.


  • Over Twenty (20) schools responded and engaged around their own accountability for school leadership that leads to inovative solutions for the dire needs.
  • A full report of the event is constructed to serve as an immediate milestone.
Inspired by the connections with researchers and lecturers from Stockholm University's Department of Special Education when they visited with the Wisehub community in Durban, Odette Swift identified the need for an ABR machine to aid early screening for children that will enable early detection of hearing loss in infants and very young children'.

Immediate steps taken

  • Communication with Learning Academy Worldwide
  • Letter drafted and sent to the Mayor of eThekwini Municipality on Monday 22nd October, 2018 to push for the city to champion for early screening for all children as mandatory.