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The Central University of Technology in Bloemfontein, South Africa, will once again be home to the 4th Annual Wisehub Innovation Summit in Education.

The recently formed Principal's Association for schools of the deaf in South Africa, the Leading with Health in Mind initiative and the Anthology project involving 548 Grade 7 students in South Africa are just a few inspiring steps taken as a consequence of the 2016 summit.

This year's theme, Waving the Flags of Action Beyond Imagining, will be centered around three main ideas:

  • * Acting on what you imagine inspires innovation.
  • * Prudent use of technology can propel schools as vital research engines.
  • * Leadership within special needs education hinges on moral courages.

Learning Academy Worldwide partners from the US, Sweden, Belgium, Italy and Spain will attend the 2017 Wisehub summit.

Twelve students will represent their schools from different provinces in South Africa as they demonstrate the value of project-based learning through the Anthology project.

The annual Wisehub summit addresses crucial knowledge- and skills gaps within Professional Character and Competence Development, Deaf Education, Mathematics and Science, Health and Education and Projects-based learning through vibrant and innovative pedagogical structures.

Included are a series of informal dining and networking opportunities, interactive and thought-provoking sessions, relevant and inspiring keynote addresses, robust panel discussions, need-based breakout sessions and strategic planning workshops over a 3-day period.

The summit serves as a milestone on both the evaluative and planning sides of an annual program. See what to expect HERE.

Registration is now open..

What to Expect at Wisehub 2017

Wisehub 2017 Program

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Deaf Education Acts on Dream

The sparkling flame within Deaf Education at the Wisehub 2016 summit ignited an initiative that saw more Principals from schools for the Deaf in South Africa gather at the St Vincent School for the Deaf in Johannesburg from 19-20 May, 2017. It was the next step, the first to help realize a dream, after the 2016 summit, aimed at establishing the first Principal's Association for the Deaf in South Africa. They will be ready to showcase what happens when we act on dreams at the 2017 Summit in Bloemfontein.

School Principals Lead Projects

The An7hology project involves 6 schools where some 548 Grade 7 students will showcase the results of their Milestone Project. Each student's photobook is a collection of stories, creative writing pieces, drawings and images that represent their growth throughout the year, their experiences and their dreams. An anthology representing the best from each student will be published and showcased at the Wisehub 2017 summit, demonstrating what happens when we act on dreams.


With arms wide open, we welcome you to Wisehub 2017

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October 20-22, 2017


12:30pm - Friday 20th Registration


Japie Van Lill Auditorium, Central University of Technology, 14, South Street, BLOEMFONTEIN, South Africa


Learning Academy Worldwide

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Cape Town


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Images from the 2016 Wisehub Summit in Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA


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Turning A Noise into a Voice

Walking a journey with leaders who inspire change


The summit brought together educational leaders, teachers, school principals. heads of NGOs, entrepreneurs and youth workforce development pioneers all intent on developing a growing collaboration that can explore the possibilities of innovative solutions for learning in the informal and formal environment.


Building on the growing trust relationships amongst leaders within education, 2015 was the first year that the Wisehub summit was preceded by a pre-summit event to provide coaching on how to pitch for projects that leaders could manage in their schools, universities and NGOs.


Prudent leadership, personal self-mastery and a sensitivity to special needs within education with a focus on Deaf Education have always been the three core spheres of the Wisehub initiative. In 2016, Deaf Education, in particular, brought a heightened sensitivity to school leaders making it the first ever summit of its kind in South Africa.