Who We Are

Wisehub is a project of Learning Academy Worldwide, a registered Swedish-based non-profit organization. Every Wisehub summit addresses crucial knowledge- and skills gaps within Professional Character and Competence Development, Deaf Education, Youth Character and Music Academies, Mathematics and Science, Health and Education and Projects-based learning through vibrant and innovative pedagogical structures.

Included are a series of informal dining and networking opportunities, interactive and thought-provoking sessions, relevant and inspiring keynote addresses, robust panel discussions, need-based breakout sessions and strategic planning workshops over a 3-day period.

Wisehub Summits support Education in South Africa.

The summit serves as a milestone on both the evaluative and planning sides of an annual program.

The concept of a collaborative that pursues wisdom as a lifelong endeavour is a result of founder, Theophilus Van Rensburg Lindzter's pursuit for meaningful impact.

He has leveraged his education, and international network to create a platform that will enable leaders to move boldly beyond stale and archaic solutions to achieve the goals and solve real problems within their respective industries and spheres of work.

Battling indifference, political apathy, resource scarcity and on the back of plenty of failed projects, Wisehub has emerged as a refined and flexible community for leaders who pursue wisdom in the midst of a wilderness of ideas on how to be successful.

Currently, Wisehub serves several schools in 4 major provinces in South Africa, Municipalities and Youth Empowerment Initiatives in the Kwazulu Natal Province.

What we envisage

Wisehub wants to be the community of choice for leaders who want to be lifelong learners in the pursuit of wisdom. Success is measured by how leaders grow in the knowledge, skills and understanding necessary to guide their respective schools and businesses with excellence and a commitment to leave a meaningful legacy.