Over the years, the capturing of images, sound and video has been a priority.

In this way we are able to not only contribute meaningfully to the history, but also help to evoke meaningful memories for Wisehubbers who all desire to be better at making prudent choices. A unique documentary will, therefore, be the centerpiece of the summit.

This year, as Wisehub celebrate its 5th Annual summit, it also celebrates story - the story where we whined and complained, when we tried a project that we could control to improve the quality of learning in the area of our influence, when we imagined making a giant impact no one expected and when we took the leap into new risky ventures.

That story enters a new chapter. As we remember our past we want to be wiser for all time and acknowledge the hard work we are expected to do. We are in need of growing in our sensitivity to the monumental work that others have done in our communities, the bridges they have built and the trenches in which they toiled.

Come join us to help set the agenda for meaning that can come from understanding the wealth that exists in our communities and the hope that it can bring.

We will welcome you in our midst if you are a:

  • Researcher
  • Teacher
  • School Principal
  • Entrepreneur
  • Business Leader
  • Policy Maker
  • Innovators
  • Investor