This year Wisehub will welcome Daniel Mwesigwa to South Africa and bring attention to his incredibly meaningful work for the benefit of the next generation in Uganda.

When Daniel once posted an image on his Facebook page, he was asked, 'Is it edible?'

His reply, refering to the roots shown on the image, showed that he knew and understood his world. It is this combination of knowledge and understanding that first impressed us when we were introduced to Daniel. Not only that, but tucked between these attributes was the skill he so confidently uses when meeting the comprehensive needs of the children and young people he impacts. That skill set, including pedagogical expertise, sparkles with the single brilliance: getting his hands dirty when life demands it. His consistent and media-rich journaling, and updates on social media, is a rich source of useful information that both inspire and challenge.

This image holds an additionally valuable concept of the work of Daniel Mwesigwa. He works empathetically and prudently in a space where the most ardent work is needed: the roots.

We are excited that he will come to South Africa this year to add meaningfully to our efforts to build into the lives of leaders like himself. He needs all the support he can get and already, help is being offered both from his colleagues in Uganda and the USA. Stalwart champion for learning, teacher and mentor, LuWanna Pruitt, is rallying her network in the USA to help get Daniel to the summit in South Africa.